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james gosselin
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Good morning, my girlfriends grandfather Walter F. Bartlett sadly just passed. Walter was the third Commanding Officer of the sherman from OCT 71- AUG 73. Their family dont have many pictures or stories form his 30+ year Coast Guard career, and i was hoping someone had sea stories or possibly photos of him. If you see this and send it  around it would be a huge help. I would also like to contact the Sherman and see if i could get a flag that was flown on the ship sent back to boston where he requested to be creamated and ashes scattered in Boston harbor. I also served inthe coast guard for 10 years so from one coastie to another.. THANK YOU


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Richard Ames
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Sorry I missed your request in a timely manner! .. I have been having some serious health problems and havent been able to run this website as I want to! Have you been in contact with Capt Bartletts son Randy Bartlett? I have several photos I can send you belatedly ... Yes we have several crew members that served with your girlfriends father that may have more photos and history! I am collecting the Shermans early history and hope to be posting more on this site.  Please email me you contact information ... contact me at vze23xke(at sign) .. or look me up on Facebook and message me quicker than this site

Semper Paratus

Richard Ames


Richard Ames
Pres. Sherman Assoc.

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