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Wil Remillard
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A History of the Battle of Britain (non-fiction). Superbly written, brilliantly told story of what could be called one of the greatest battles of the twentieth century, and possibly, all of History.  Should be a must read for History 101.

We tend to be quite proud of the Normandy Invasion on this side of the pond, and rightly so.  But long before D Day one thousand largely Brittish Fighter Pilots, in Spitfires and Hurricanes, held off Goring's entire Luftwaffe and thwarted Hitlers plan to invade Great Britain in 1940.  The Third Riche's fisrt defeat showed the rest of the world that the Nazis could be stopped. And the rest is History.

Great read at 299 pages just shy of my 300 page limit.  Support your local library.

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