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Posted by Richard Ames on December 30, 2011 at 3:55 PM

I just installed a new "Video" page for the website. It's a listed along with the other 14 pages as a link across the top of the page.  I also uploaded the first video for the new video page. One of our Sherman crew members John Holden ENC 82-84 ... Sent me an interesting DVD he had converted from one of his old movie films have a race between the Sherman and the Midgett ... he mentioned it might be one of only three copies were ever made, See the full caption for the video below

Before I could post the video on this website, I had to convert it from the DVD format to a digital format  (avi)

My plan was to upload the 840 MB AVI file to YouTube .. thereby saving some of this website's band width .. In other words the website provider allows me something like 5 GB uploads and downloads in a given month, if I want anything over that I have to pay more. The original video being almost 1 GB, means if five people downloaded it in a month's time, that would be 5 GB of my bandwidth for the month. But as a workaround I could upload it for free to YouTube .. Then do what they call an "embed" what is basically an Internet web link back to my YouTube page. Then if anybody downloaded it would not affect my bandwidth. So the video is also on YouTube.. And when you click on the planet it will play inside of a window but streaming from the YouTube webpage without you ever leaving the Sherman site. I've known about this for quite some time but it's the first time I've actually put it into practice. I have several more private Sherman videos that I will convert and get posted here on the site sooner later.

Why did I tell you all of this? Because I really want to encourage you to post your videos of the Sherman or Coast Guard or anything related ... and share them with the rest of the crew members. But at the same time if at all possible we can post them on YouTube and embed the videos here. If you need help doing that just let me know ... I can send you detailed instructions on how to do most things on this website if you're interested. Or send me the videos that I will post your video for you in your name.

One interesting thing about John's video is listening to the helicopter crew and photographer, turn up your sound a little .. especially near the end when the Sherman crew is lined up along the rail rowing past the Midgett ... listen closely when they panned back to the Sherman and one of the helo guys points out that the deck crew is mooning the Midgett ... there's no accounting for some of our crew members even when they do when LOL!


The Video Caption reproduced here ...


The USCGC Sherman (WHEC) 720 and the USCGC Midgett (WHEC) 726 engaging in their "Full Power Trials" testing the capabilities of their Pratt and Whitney Gas Turbine Engines. A true sea going "Drag Race"


This race took place in the early 1980's near San Diego California. The video was shot from the Midgetts helo with over heard comments from the photographers. The video was sent to me by John Holden ENC.


Chief Holden was on the Throttles in Main Control aboard the Sherman at the time. John said "I remember it like it was yesterday, Pete (Pete Mason was the Shermans EO at the time) put me on the throttles, it was my engine room!, I had to pull back a little because the exhaust pressure was too high and when I did, it was a little too much, (this is when the Midgett pulled ahead at the beginning of the race) then a minute later I slammed the throttles down once again, and all 18,000 hp came alive." John also related to me that the race or "full power trial" was the first time the Sherman was at 100% full power in13 years. The "Race" was agreed upon by both ships and the ship that lost would pay for a party for both ships to celebrate.


John believes that one of the deciding factors was the excellent maintenance being performed on Shermans jet engines particularly a new practice he initiated, cleaning the fuel filters with a military surplus ultrasonic cleaner a practice which just may have given the Sherman the winning edge.


John Holden ENC and Pete Mason LCDR are both members of this website. Thanks for the great story!

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Reply gaby
5:17 PM on January 4, 2012 
I remember when Cpt. Lutz, was "hot dogging " with the unrep ship in Viet Nam. Those Navy LST's or what ever would challenge with their steam turbines. They were always left in the wake and spray, what a ride!!!