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San Diego Reunion

Posted by Richard Ames on September 6, 2012 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

The San Diego "Visit the Sherman" Reunion 2102

A lot of hard work and much uncertainty .. But in the end, with teamwork and faith that everything would work out for the best! ... It certainly did!  Our main goal was to visit our old ship one more time and that came true thanks to Sherman's excellent Officers and crew. The hospitality was beyond our exspectations in every way! 

We all had a memorable time with old friends, savoring old memories and creating new friends and new memories!

Bernie Avalle (our official Sherman Association Photographer and A/V officer) will be uploading his photos soon . But don't be shy,  post your favorite photos from the reunion, the Sherman tour, San Diego, seen from your point of view!  add captions, make comments!  Check out the Slide show / video Bernie put together for the SD Reunion ...the new video is posted under the "Videos"  tab.

We had a good business meeting after the farewell breakfast. And the consensus was that we would start planning the Baltimore 2014 Sherman Reunion. You will see changes in this website as we focus on that goal.

So as we move forward please participate in the website and the reunion planning . We will be forming reunion committes to help make the Baltimore reunion the best it can be for our crew members. The main reason to attend a reunion is to see YOUR old friends! ..To do that we need help in build the membership that include the shipmates from the years you served on the Sherman. You are the best person to help find and contact those Shipmates!  We can help ... More on finding crew members soon!

So stand by to change course to a new destination: Baltimore 2014!


Sherman Logo Shirts Soon!

Posted by Richard Ames on August 7, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The Sherman shirts are ordered and in production
and they should be delivered to our ship's Store in 2 weeks ..
Hopefully  "Just In Time" for the Sherman Reunion!

Golf type shirts, short sleeve with collar, 100% cotton knit .
A choice of two colors, dark blue and light gray.
With the Sherman Logo and lettering over the left breast,
JJ Decided to not include the  "2012 Reunion San Diego Ca" 
and the dates as shown under the ship.

The final version of the shirt will just have the Ships name text.  
We ordered 50 shirts to start out mostly in larger "x" sizes.  
So in a couple weeks we will list the shirts in our Ships Web store.
You can order them on line with a credit card and Pay Pal. 

Sherman Reunion Hat

Posted by Richard Ames on July 11, 2012 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (5)

The Sherman Reunion Hat order (of 50) is in currently route to our Alameda "distribution center" (Roger Lumibao ENC Ret.)  This hat is identical to the Official Sherman hat except for the added 378' logo and made by the same vendor that supplies the original CG hats.  ... Hopefully the hats will be available pre-reunion in the ships store and can be purchased with a credit card and/or Pay pal .. Roger and I have been sending hats back and forth between Baltimore and California to make sure we know the best shipping costs and insure the hats are delivered in good shape. Between the costs of a quality custom hat and postage, offering these hats is more of a service to our Sherman crew members - and try not to lose money in this endevor! 

Search for Crew Members

Posted by Richard Ames on September 5, 2011 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (4)


September 4, a great day!

I was married 40 years ago today on September 4, 1971. I met my wife Betty at the Baltimore Washington Airport nine months before on February 2, 1971 which was the day the Sherman got back from Vietnam and my last day on the Sherman. I was reporting to my new duty station at the Coast Guard's Field testing and development center at the Curtis Bay Coast Guard yard.

So it's been 40 years and nine months since I walked down the Sherman's gangplank one last time. Two years ago,  September 10-13, 2009 we held what we think was the first Sherman reunion in Plymouth Massachusetts. It was a great success mainly because of an active Sherman website membership and a concerted effort to find most of our (1968-71) crew members. Crewmembers that had, in large part, gone their separate ways 40 years ago. Today's technology went a long ways to make that search and finding possible. Not only in performing national searches using many different databases. But also being able to contact  them communicate with former crew members, then stay in touch with them through the Internet and through dediccated websites such as this one.

Today is also the first day that this website has its own domain name.

Hopefully this will make the site easier to find, to remember, and should we forget the address, Google can certainly find again.

I am going to start the process of building up our membership today, but I need your help. Keeping in mind we want to limit the membership to this website to past and present Sherman crewmembers, crewmember's family and perhaps friends of the Sherman.

The best way to find crewmembers is through current members of the Sherman Association. Another is to post invitations addressed to Sherman crewmembers at all related Coast Guard and military websites.

Many of our older members may not see any of these Internet messages and may not computer proficient and even some have no computer. To contact those crewmembers they first have to be found through one of the many search engines like PIPL. and White pages etc. (I have plans of publishing a "how to find old crewmembers" tutorial/resources page) Then call on the telephone with likely numbers you found on your Internet research then verify that they indeed are the person you think they are.

After searching through many hundreds of names seemingly exactly the same as the one on sailing list, you are struck by how many people have the exactly same names, even down to the middle initials. It's no small task but all hard work is forgotten when you finally meet a long-lost crewmember!

So reunions are all about reuniting people that have not seen each other for years. And if you plan on attending a reunion you want as many of those people as possible to be your old friends, shipmates, crew members, people on your team.

During our first reunion in 2009 we had a sailing list of all of our crew that went to Vietnam on the Sherman in our cruise book. And I also was sent the Shermans commissioning crew list. In many cases these lists had hometowns listed, first in the middle initials included. And we pretty much knew thier approximate ages. All these clues really help when looking for a person on the Internet and then being able to filter down by age, home town or state, middle initial.. to actual Sherman crewmember. So one of the first things you need if you are going to contact old crewmembers is a sailing list or a crews list for the period of time that you served on the Sherman! I would like to start collecting those lists and posting them here on the website as a resource. My plan was to list all the Sherman captains and the years that each were CO, and as we collect more information such as the crews lists, add that information below each respective captain. Side note: for the aspiring Coast Guard historians out there this will be a good start on writing the Shermans complete history.

Action: if you have a Sherman crews list, please indicate the date that it was effective and uploaded to the website or send it to me by e-mail.

Bottom line is that a successful and enjoyable reunion is all about meeting those old friends of yours. To have those old friends at the reunion you have to find them and invite them to the reunion.  The plan for that reunion you have to have a headcount of how many people will be attending. The hotel likes to have that number months ahead of time. So Time is of the essence!   

Action:  Find and invite your former crew members! (If you ahve a email address, use that little "Invite" icon in the Members Area at the top right of this page)

The Planners need to determine approximate headcount attendee's, Establish a definite reunion date, choose the hotel. Sign an agreement with the hotel. Work out all the event details. Open up registration for the event. and communicate what is going on!   I will need lots of help .. We need a Reunion committee soon! ... Please consider helping out .. Email me or post on this site ideas and suggestions!

Action: Submit Suggestions of where / who to notify about the Sherman Reunion.

Thank You!

Richard Ames

(Webmaster and former EM2 Sherman Vietnam Crew)

PS - Upload photos!