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Renewed the Sherman Website for another year

Posted by Richard Ames on August 4, 2013 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (2)


I just renewed the hosting fee on the Sherman website today.

The notification in the email to renew or lose the website brought home the fact that I've been too busy doing all the "everyday things" and neglecting some of my "important but not urgent" projects .... Things like creative outlets that have stalled, my artwork, my genealogy, a couple writing projects, and the Sherman website as well as the next proposed Sherman reunion. I'm not sure if I have a problem with procrastination or perfectionism? Probably both!

Right after the San Diego Sherman reunion last September, I experienced some sobering health problems and I've been working hard to get back in shape and hopefully stay strong and out of the hospital. When this happened last October I also experienced  an eyesight problem which really depressed me when working on my art. My right eye has improved somewhat and I'm hoping for the best. To kickstart my drawing and painting projects,  a couple weeks ago I rejoined the Maryland Hall for creative arts artist co-op and started attending life drawing classes every Wednesday morning. I have not forgotten about the Sherman painting on the Alaskan NOAA navigational chart. In fact I have created a drawing of the Sherman that I really like and it is 99% complete and ready to transfer to the chart for the painting.

I've probably said it before somewhere on this website that its been my good intention to update the site on a weekly basis and start blogging to this website on all things Coast Guard nautical and historical. And again I encourage any of the site members participate, to post, blog,,, upload photos, sea stories, interesting web links anything you think would be appropriate for this website!

I would also welcome any assistance in running the website if interested consider being an administrators or moderator for this website. I really don't enjoy being a one-man band. I'm sure there's lots of other points of view and good ideas out there that would help make this a lot more interesting website. A team effort.

I welcome all comments and ideas!

Semper Paratus!

Richard Ames
August 3 2013
Glen Burnie Maryland

I'm Back

Posted by Richard Ames on November 26, 2012 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Sherman Crew:

Back from my holiday! ..  Basically I "De clutched" for a while after our Sherman Reunion in San Diego the first week of September! High Anxitiety for me .. Then the super storm Sandy ... I have encountered a few health problems that started when I was cleaning up from the storm, that event pretty much changed my course for a while.

The good news is that in spite of all the unknowns, the reunion turned out Great! thanks in large part the warm welcome we all recieved from the Active Crew and Command of the Sherman!

I hope to back in commission soon and return to adding information and news to the website and building the membership.  I want to start putting some plans together for a 2014 Sherman reunion on the East Coast ... I welcome participation on the Sherman website, please consider adding your Sherman/ USCG photos, videos, comments, and sea stories! I would welcome any help with the the website and the 2014 reunion. So please contact me if you have ideas, suggestions and/or an interest in helping out with the USCGC Shemran association!

Semper Partatus! 

Richard Ames

Chase WHEC 718 Message from Crewmember

Posted by Richard Ames on December 22, 2011 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm still learning how to use this website ... As are several people have visited site and using "Contact Us" (see the menu item above) their messages are forwarded to me the webmaster, but this message was intended to address our Sherman crew members aon the website ... So I'm copying and pasting it here as a "News" item (and I converted the email to "html" so the links would work for you - Click anything in Blue - but please return here with your back arrow!) ... I will personally respond to "Woody's" message via email.. 

In another "News" item, I mentioned that we have a webpage of "Interesting Coast Guard links" see across the top of the page,   I have a link to the US Coast Guard Cutter Chase (which I just updated) ... As I noted in other locations on our site, crewmember hosted websites for Coast Guard cutters are few and far between ... Of course each of the active Cutters and Units have their own webpage sponsored and controlled by the official Coast Guard website but it's basically for official business which is typically notquite as interesting and entertaining as hearing it right from the crew! (my opinion). When a Cutter is decommissioned then it seems all the more reason to provide a way all the past crews can stay in contact .. Provising a website /reunion /association. As the WHEC's are retired will we be seeing more crew sponsored websites?

Anyway we should exchange links with these other Coast Guard Cutter's websites, especially Sherman's sister WHEC's. If you know of any interesting links that I have missed or any sites that would be a good addition to our CG Links page, please let me know!

Woody also mentions the ships store below, and yes JJ still working on our Sherman Ship's Store .. We have some issues with programming the PayPal shopping cart buttons ... And testing them out! A learning curve and work in progress to be sure ...

-- Semper Paratus

Form Response Notification The following form has been submitted from your website

uscgcshermanassociation: ---------------

Form Response ---------------

Name = Christopher F. Wood (Woody)

Email Address = christopher.f@XXXX

Message = Ahoy Sherman Shipmates,

I just stumbled across your web site. I was stationed aboard the CGC Chase during her Vietnam deployment so I guess that makes us kin. Anyway Our crew and the USCGC Chase Association was involved in her decommissioning this past March 29th. I don't know if you knew it or not but following Chase's decomm she was given to the Nigerian Navy and is now the NNS Thunder. When the Chasers dissembarked Chase they became the crew of Sherman. I'm not sure how all this took place but it did. Anyway, we have had successful reunions in the past most recently in Hernon, VA in conjunction with the CG Combat Vets Assoc. Our web site has been taken over by a new web master and is coming back soon. It will have a new address

and is up and running but still being loaded with our tons of stuff. The new web master is Chase's next to the last Skipper Capt. Brian Perkins USCG (Ret.). Anyway, I am a Coastie web friend with JJ O'Neill and see that he is aboard to help out. JJ is a great and active old Coastie. With that said, I am here to offer any help or advice as you gear up for your reunion. We used Coastie Rob Green's Cutter Agent services for our Assoc. Crest, patch T-Shirts etc. at

We also have a home base at the Coast Guard Channel at

Anyway, good luck mates as you head for San Diego. PS: The Hamilton just had their reunion and produced a Boston to Boston video documenting their entire Vietnam cruise. It is awesome and any Vietnam 378 Coastie can put themselves into this movie.

Once a Chaser, Always a Chaser,


Adding New Things to Website

Posted by Richard Ames on September 27, 2011 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Incremental Improvements!

I have been adding a few new photo albums and some select photos to some of the existing albums. I'm doing my best to help kick start this website with my personal collection of Sherman pics. But I will need help soon .. this is not a one man show .. I only took photos the first couple years of her service, we have 40 years of addtional Sherman history to explore. So start posting your best shots .. and please be sure take the time to tell the story that goes with the photos!  I have been trying to be a good example on the captions .. take a look!

SO, as good as these photos are at being entertaining to browse, we are also collecting and documenting the Shermans long and illustious history. Is anybody up to writing the Shermans History? I have oftern thought about that project!  It would be a shame to lose those stories and memories.

If you need help with posting your photos .. how to get them digitized from snap shots or slides to digital ..please email me .. I may be able to help! Eventually put a "how to" section on the website?

I have also been posting Interesting Sherman and Coast Guard Web links ... Please check them out when you have times .. some great organizations out there! ... I was also looking for more WHEC Association websites .. It seems they are few and far between ..I only found two!! .. I need help - if you know of any of Sherman's Sister WHECs that have their own websites (not the Official CG sites) I would love to see what they are doing and make a link exchange with them!  Please send me the URL of any interesting WHEC site or other CG organizations that may be interesting to our crew members!

Please invite any Sherman crew members you know of to the Sherman site and hopfully they will register .. the more members, the better the community will be.

Semper Paratus!

Richard Ames

JJ passing through Baltimore today

Posted by Richard Ames on September 7, 2011 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (2)

Retired CG  MKC  JJ O'Neil "passing through" Baltimore sometime this evening, driving down the coast from Cape Cod to his home in Florida.

We hope to meet for dinner here in Baltimore . I haven't seen JJ since our Sherman reunion in September of 2009. A good chance to discuss plans for the 2012 reunion and continuing the development of the Sherman website.

In other news, as of today I have managed to upgrade my main computer hard drive from the totally filled IDE  hard drive (and it turned out just in time to retire the old failing hard drive) to a new 2 terabyte SATA drive. (After many problems and glitches with the old drive!) Today I hope to finish all the housekeeping and set a restore point while the drive is "pristine". 

Tomorrow I have plans to meet up with a Sherman shipmate, retired Chief Federico Villanueva. Federico retired from the Yard and stayed in the area like I did. So we are practically neighbors! We plan to have lunch and catch up at the USCG Curtis Bay Yard.  

Still raining hard here .. they are predicting up to 4 more inches of rain today in the Balto-WashDC area! ... Trees still falling because of the soggy ground!

Semper Paratus!

Richard Ames

Labor Day

Posted by Richard Ames on September 5, 2011 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Cloudy and raining looking today ... I woke up at 4 am decided to brainstorm a bunch of ideas bouncing around in my head for the Sherman Website, captured the ideas and filled in the details and turned them into "Action Items" on my iPad before they faded away!.. Then I grabbed my apple and ipod and walked 4.5 miles between 6 am to 7am .. before the rains predicted for today .. and all week in fact!. 

Been procrastinating on upgrading my hard drive on my desktop computer .. it is totally filled up just a couple GB free out of 180GB drive. The rule of thumb is to have 15-20% of the drive free for proper working space for the operating system and the virtual memory etc.  I purchased a 2TB SATA drive as a replace/upgrade ... but I wanted to "clone" my old drive to the new one so I wouldn't have to reinstall the operating system and all my programs not to mention all the thousands of settings I made over the last couple years on this Operating System.

The reason I have been putting off the upgrade is my fear of screwing up the hard drive cloning process .. not wanting to pay $50 for the cloning software I have been researching how to use a open source freeware program called "Clonezilla" ... but after reading pages of if ands and buts .. and all the things that can go wrong, I decided to spring for the commercial cloning software "Arcronis" supposedly the "best of class" .. still there are some unknowns .. the newer SATA drives being recognized by Windows XP HD drivers is my biggest concern. 

Admittedly I "live" on my Ipad as much as possible for my daily computer needs ... but the new Sherman website relies heavily on the use of "Flash" for editing the pages. So I need my desktop computer for major edits. So I'm hesitant about risking taking my main CPU out of commission, but it is getting so squirrelly ... I'm going to have to bite the bullet! 

I try to divide my time between rebuilding my 40 year old (but paid for) house, being Mr Mom, and maintaining my 3-4 websites! So if the Hard drive upgrade goes well .. and it rains all week ... you may see some major changes to the Sherman site. I have a kind of fantasy "build it and they will come" ... 

Always looking for your ideas and comments...

Updated Site and Domain Name

Posted by Richard Ames on September 1, 2011 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (2)

I updated the Sherman Association Webite just now to the "Enhanced" version .. More storage, better support, and best of all, our own Domain Name ... so now it will be easy to get back to this site  .. easy to find with your Google search engine ... the free website was a "subdomain" of the Hosting site "webs" .. so it was hard to find by search engine, I even had trouble getting back ... I should send a reminder email to our 25 existing members that the website address is changed as soon as the new one is operational! I have also been wondering if this website sends out email notificatiosn when the website is updated? I have a webmaster learning curve here!

The New Domain name will be in effect in less the 48 hours ... Easy to remember:

Survived Irene!

Posted by Richard Ames on August 28, 2011 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Sherman Crew

I have been preoccupied for the last two days, preparing for hurricane Irene. My garage looks like command central for getting everything shipshape and prepared for the worst ... thank goodness CNN and the weather Channel slightly over hyped the severity of this hurricane! To their credit storm was hard to predict being unlike most hurricanes, a huge, slow category one, but with tremendous power, dumping huge amounts of rain on an area that had already had seen 14 inches of rain in the last month. But we did have our share of damage, and outages, Where I live in Maryland, the utility (I used to work for BGE) is reporting over 1 million people without power. My gasoline generator sits in my garage on standby, so far we haven't lost electric.

We heard a huge crash last night about midnight I rushed out front to make sure one of my big trees didn't fall on my car or truck but it turns out it was two houses down a huge tree just missed my neighbors house but did take out his electric.

On the bright side is there was less damage than expected here and we certainly learned some good lessons in preparation luckily I already had most of my emergency supplies on hand; food, water, ammunition, battery/inverter, chainsaw, generator, flashlights and batteries .. for the last couple days all the stores have been totally sold out of essentials, all those last-minute people driving from store to store... even though I was well prepared, I realized I still need to upgrade my emergency plans. I truly think we will be seeing more of these big storms (global warming?) in the years to come... I've been accused of being too much of a "Boy Scout" but I've always believed it's better to be over prepared than regretful for all the things you didn't do!

I haven't been on my main computer for the last couple days in fact, I've had everything electronic unplugged and relying entirely on my iPad. So I haven't kept up with the Sherman websites especially our new Sherman reunion website, but I'm happy to see membership from 15 to 22 members over the weekend, and 30 "will Attends" on the Facebook page, and we really haven't even begun to advertise Sherman's 2012 reunion in San Diego.

I guess one of the best things about a reunion is seeing your old shipmates again, so please make a point to invite them to this website and to the Sherman reunion. Again, one of the main missions of website is to get the word out to all the Sherman crews. And that will include helping our crewmembers find and reconnect with friends we haven't seen for years.

Please don't be shy about replying to these blogs, or better yet post your own blog here.  I think the forum and blog option are turned on and operating for all crewmembers, but I'm learning like everybody else the capabilities and options of this new website. Feel free to explore and try things out. I don't think you can break anything and if you do, we can fix it!

Semper Paratus - (I LIVE that motto, Always Prepared !! -- Or at least I try to be!!  Must have something to do with being the son of a CG Master Chief! LOL!) )


Mobile version of this website blog test

Posted by Richard Ames on August 24, 2011 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I have been planning to blog on the "New Sherman Site" periodically .. but I really prefer to blog from my Ipad2. Because I'm spending way too much time on my computer, I bought an Ipad for its ease of getting on and off, and it works all the time unlike my main computer. When I get on my Windows computer its so easy to get all involved working or or fixing one of the hundreds of programs or updating one of my several websites I'm always fixing and tweaking programs and problems. Often lured into filing and refiling my myriad of songs artwork, photos, audio books,  that I have collected over these many years of computer geekness. At times, like many addicts, I would like to cut back on this black hole of spare time! ... So bottom line is the Ipad is a step in the right direction ... 

I want to post a weekly blog on things Sherman or Coast Guard. The site is supposedly "Mobile friendly" providing a mobile version of the website. but in the editing side of the site it seems to depend on "Flash" help .. the Apple Ipad does not allow Flash to run on their i-devices!

So another test of the websites editing ability before we sign up "for sure" but all in all the site seems to meet our Runion information needs and the price is right. ..I'm am indeed writing this "Mobile" test blog from my Ipad .. my lack of Flash work around .. the problem, at least for the blog is that I can't enter text into the news/blog window? So I'm writing the blog text in my journal app then copying and pasting into the website . If you are reading this you know it worked.

Let me know if you are interested in writing your own news or blog into the Sherman site. I think I have that option enabled for all members. And I would love to see some input to the site. 

Thanks! - Richard Ames