USCGC Sherman Association

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USCGC Sherman Association Mission


We are Veterans of the USCGC Sherman WHEC 720

An Organization incorporated in the State Maryland and founded on January 30, 2009. 

As a group we are dedicated to all of our brother shipmates.

Our Mission is to bring respect, recognition and awareness

to the Coast Guard, USCGC Sherman and its Crew and Officers.

We are committed to honoring the sacrifices made by

Coast Guard men during their service on the USCGC Sherman 

We intend to see that the USCG and the Sherman’s history is collected, documented and preserved.  

We are united in these goals and speak with one voice


History of the USCGC Sherman Association


Some background and history of the USCGC Sherman Association:

My name is Richard Ames, and I served on the Sherman from 1969 to 1971. 

Several years ago I started a special Sherman website, I started it because there was no Facebook like there is today. The website grew slowly, I concentrated on finding my own crew members, I had learned a lot during my genealogy using the new and upcoming That's when I realized that the "my family website's" which were free to ancestry members. Back then. Would make a perfect ship's crew website. Basically, it is a photo album site with contact pages for each member and a simple blog. We, the few crew members I found, talked for years about having a reunion for the Sherman. Everybody wondering why after almost 40 years. We hadn't heard of one reunion for the Sherman, while it seemed other ships were having reunions every few years.

But then in the fall of 2008. I decided to send everybody a Christmas card on my Sherman crews mailing list. And in that card. I asked if they wanted to help me pull together a 40 year reunion for the Sherman? as luck would have it on my old shipmates EN3 Roy Martinsen responded and volunteered to help me find all of our crew members. We made the perfect working partnership, I loved searching databases for telephone numbers and addresses, and Roy got a kick out of making hundreds of cold calls to likely suspects. You never realize how many people have exactly the same name, . We narrowed down the possibilities as much as we could, by estimating the ages and likely hometowns to search. at the end of the day Roy would call me and tell me all of little wrong number funny stories He ran across making all those phone calls. But in the end we found almost 100 of our old crew members. It was an amazing feat of detective work after 40 years.


Plymouth Mass Sherman Reunion September 2009

From there, we created the "USCGC Sherman Association, Incorporated as a non-stock corporation in Maryland, Appointed officers, wrote bylaws, and organized a reunion in Plymouth Massachusetts for September of 2009. Not only did we have over 100 attendees. Our Capt. Paul Lutz, attended and spoke at our banquet dinner ... the reunion was a resounding success!

Well it's been two years since that reunion, a number of our members want a another reunion soon. (I keep hearing "we're not getting any younger") In May of this year one of our West Coast members, Roger Lumbao, put together a "mini reunion." At Doak Walker's famous  "All weather ships" reunion in Reno Nevada, on May 15 to coincide with the Sherman change of command ceremony in Alameda several of our members were invited to. The reason so few were able to make it to the Alameda . "Mini-reunion" is that the majority of our 1968 through 1971 crew members still live in the northeastern part United States. Sherman was originally home ported in Boston Massachusetts.

San Diego Sherman Reunion September 2012

I was planning to have the next Sherman reunion (2012) in Baltimore Maryland, a good Coast Guard town with US Coast Guard base Curtis Bay here, as well as the historic ships in the inner Harbor, US Coast Guard cutter Taney and the lightship Chesapeake, best of all, its close to home making me reunion planning much easier for me. But recent events i.e. the decommissioning of two of Sherman's sister 378's and her being transferred to San Diego, seem like the handwriting was on the wall, time was running out, and that forced us to rethink our reunion plans. We had long talked about a West Coast reunion for the basic purpose of seeing the old girl one more time. Maybe even get a tour. 

A couple of weeks ago, retired chief EN, Sherman crew member, and our Sherman Association secretary as well as ships store proprietor, "JJ" O'Neil, took the lead and cranked up the reunion engine, one more time. So we took the leap, contacted the San Diego convention and visitors Bureau. Solicited proposals from San Diego area hotels that are interested in hosting our 2012 Sherman reunion.

This new website will hopefully be a very good communication tool in creating the best possible Sherman reunion in 2012!

We found out from the first time around, this is a much bigger job than you realize. The first time we've only invited the first four years of crew members,  Now we are inviting 40 years of crew members! we are going to need help and support. But I'm confident it will be rewarding for all and well worth the effort!

The San Diego reunion was enjoyed by all with the tour of Sherman as the highlight enjoyed by all .. see the reunion photos in the web site's photo album.

 Portland Maine Sherman Reunion June 2012

The reunion was held from 6-11 June, 2015 in  Portland Maine at South Portland?s Best Western Merry Manor Hotel .  We had a great time!  Thank to the hospitality shown to us by the the Merry Manor management and staff, the First Lady of Maine Anne LePage, CDR Andy Meyers of USCGC Sector command and crew members! .. A big "Thanks" to all that helped make this reunion a success!  See the Photo Gallery for the Portland Maine reunion photos.

This website is to help reunite and create a community of Sherman crew members. Please take the time to invite your fellow Sherman shipmates. As our sister 378's are decommissioned they will not be forgotten, we want to extend a helping hand to those other WHEC crews and invite them to link up with this website. Please "contact us" (tab at the top of the page) and contact me are interested in help with your   website, an association, or help with your reunion. (See other WHEC websites listed under the "links" tab at the top of the page)

We welcome your ideas, comments, support with future reunions or this website.

 Semper Paratus!

 ~ Richard Ames

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